Zatrikion Correspondence Chess App Reviews

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GR8 app

I really enjoy this app & the many friends I've made! Even a bunch across the pond & elsewhere! Thanks:) Customer service is on TOP of everything! Thanks RF:) PistolPaKnPoppy

Awesome update of Chess Correspondence app

An underrated chess app, with ease of play and functionality on par with, lichess, and SocialChess.

Will not open!!!

Have had this app for over a year. Use to love it. I even bought the premium. The app has not worked for over a month now. It will not open. App support is not there as far as I can tell.

Great App!

This has been a great app & I'm so glad I downloaded it!! I never really played chess before I downloaded this app so the ease of learning has been good for me! The members have been great as well!!

Nice app

One of my favorite Chess correspondence app. It's easy to navigate and set up a game. I like the board and piece layout it comes with. Two minor things that can be a con: 1. Since it's a newer app, there are as many players to play against as compared to other similar chess apps. This ok, I have played some of the same people over again and make some friends. 2. I wish when I was on game my phone wouldn't dim out light and try to go to power save mode. I know other apps out there will keep background lit as long as I have a game open. This would be nice to have added. Overall I really like the app. Good software and a good place to meet some rival chess friends.

Very Stable, Good Community.

Very well built app with great player base. Wish it had a Vs. CPU mode.

Beautifully designed chess app

Looks great, plays great. Lots of options.


Quite simply put, this is the single best chess app out there. Easy to use, and looks amazing aesthetically wide. Simply perfect, and great chess app.

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